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ISI Risk Services is a leading property assets management and loss prevention company.  From advising on global property risk management and loss prevention to assessing the cost of risk, we work as a trusted partner with customers to enhance their profits and create long-term insurance relationships based on recognized value-added principles at each level of the insurance chain.

Our clients are able to achieve superior assets management performance across global property schedules.  If you are a corporation, insurance carrier, broker, or captive manager...our programs create powerful profit, efficiency, and relationship advantages.



Our product is not a specific list of products and services.  Rather, it is everything that ISI Risk Services does externally with its clients, suppliers, and lenders, and everything it is and does internally with its employees, managers, and systems that is ISI's product.

The primary objective of ISI Risk Services is to perpetually reevaluate, challenge, and improve ourselves, our company, and our systems through the increased knowledge and experience of our managers and employees and increased sensitivity to our customers.   

Our promise is to provide spectacular results with focused intent, dependably and consistently, every time we touch a client, supplier, or lender or they touch us.

ISI's purpose is to make positive life changing differences in the lives of its employees and the lives of the owners/managers and employees of clients, suppliers, and lenders with whom we do business and interact.

It is to this end that ISI Risk Services was founded and does business to this day.



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How We Do Business:



Systems Specialists with World-class Services...

We specialize in customized global assets protection organization, operation, administration, and financial systems that achieve consistent, dependable results.  We start with 'upfitting' and perfecting the organizations and systems through which the work is done.  With the right systems correctly integrated and skillfully implemented, performance is consistent and dependable year after year. 

Our detailed systems are supported by practical world-class HPR risk engineering.  Corporate cultures are elevated and long-term customer/supplier relationships are developed that are mutually beneficial among policyholder, broker, insurers, and reinsurers.  Plus, the cost of losses and premiums are lower.  Insurance relationships tend to be long-term; and insurance company and broker services are enhanced to a maximum advantage.

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Corporate clients today invest globally.  To increase efficiencies and reduce the costs of managing large and wide-spread risk exposures, corporations should invest in a global program that manages assets and risk dependably and efficiently.  ISI Risk Services is establishing superior programs for multi-national corporations, insurers, reinsurers, and brokers.  Our programs produce the results they need uniformly around the world.

A Business Enterprise Approach:

Property insurance is very volatile.  Global corporations and their insurers have large property risks that are subject to large losses in far-flung locations.  By taking a business enterprise approach to managing global property schedules and supporting it with world-class HPR risk engineering, clients are able achieve reliable "loss free" results consistently and uniformly across the globe.  And, since the process is based on business enterprise systems that interlock to produce an overall business result, accountability is built into each function.  The entire global process can be managed efficiently by a small staff of two or three from anywhere in the world.

The reason that our clients do business with us is that ISI provides customized “turn key” assets protection programs that permanently fix global property programs at all levels...from the plant to senior management.  Our clients know we are delivering something that has great value and that its contribution to profit is much greater than its cost.  (Contact us

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We provide client systems and services in the United States, Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean.  ISI Risk Services is one of the few assets management and risk engineering companies with over a decade of knowledge and experience in México, Central America, and South America.

During the twelve-year life of the company, ISI has carried out thousands of inspections for insurance purposes for underwriters, brokers, and insureds in practically every type of business and in many areas of the world.  We have provided Assets Management and Risk Engineering Services to many leading industries including:


  • Electric Power Generation

  • Chemical & Petrochemical

  • Steel and Foundry

  • Mining

  • Cement

  • Pulp and Paper

  • Aluminum/Copper Smelting

  • Metal Working

  • Glass

  • Electronics

  • Telecommunications

  • Automotive Manufacture

  • Plastics

  • Nuclear

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Department Stores

  • Office Buildings

  • Hospitals

  • Dams

  • Agriculture

  • Sugar Refining

  • Etc.


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ISI Risk Services does business with leading industrial companies, insurance carriers, and insurance brokers.  Let us provide the systems and services that get the results you expect. (Contact us)










ISI Risk Services is sized correctly as a service business...flexible enough to respond to your needs...large enough for global service.





Comprehensive Underwriting Data:

...Location specific. 

...Accurately gathered.

...Tailored to needs.

...Credibility with insurers

   and reinsurers.  

...Build favorable Treaty

   and Facultative






We Prevent Losses: Please browse our website for insight about business-based loss prevention and extraordinarily dependable results.

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