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Efficient Property Risk Management...
We are property assets management systems, tools, and services specialists to companies whose goal is efficient, consistent, measurable property risk management that can be justified to owners and managers. 

Property assets management and loss prevention are among the most misunderstood, mismanaged, under managed, and costly areas within large businesses around the world! 

Our systems and services permanently fix this condition.

Inefficient and expensive application of resources and profits are permanently corrected with Enterprise Risk Management Systems that are designed and skillfully integrated to produce measurable  performance-based results for owners and managers, instead of an administrative "cost of doing business" result.  It's proven and time tested.  It's in place in client companies producing uniform results in real time, as advertised.  (Contact us...examine this innovation for yourself.)

What You Can Expect...

Whether you are national or international … a manufacturer, telecommunications business, medical provider, government entity, or university, we provide customized and “turn-key” systems, tools, and services.  The strengths of your  existing programs will be enhanced to achieve comprehensive, consistent risk management results accross your business units. Exactly the results that senior managers and risk managers require for making profit-based decisions.  It's comprehensive, seamless, easily installed, and it performs dependably year-in and year-out.  (See a list of our Industry Capabilities)

We are unique in that customers deal with us directly, through their broker, or through thier insurance company.  (Contact us)

Global Assets Management... Fix it, so it stays fixed...

It's all done by enhancing existing programs... without sweeping changes or fanfare... during the normal course of substantial savings.  (Contact us...Let us show you how)

Our global customers experience uniform, consistent results on a permanent basis year-in and year-out.  Permanent, predictable results are achieved by "upfitting" and integrating your existing programs to operate within comprehensive documented processes, much as business enterprise systems are used to produce measurable business results based on return on investment.  Contrast this to continuing to address loss prevention for properties and their risks as an administrative cost of doing business.  Proven systems and world-class risk services permit our clients to gain “preferred risk”  advantages and treatment from commercial property insurance markets.

Integrated, Interlocking Systems...

Here is an idea of some of the systems and tools that integrate and interlock seamlessly as a "master" system to produce reliable, business-based results:

  • Operating systems for chain-of-command and interactive channels of communication for employees, supervisors, facility managers, middle management, risk managers and top management.

  • Seamless coordination of duties and responsibilities for property risk management and safety.

  • Systems and tools that measure results and present profit-based alternatives to managers to make decisions.

  • Systems and tools so a lean Risk Management Staff can manage assets efficiently, dependably, and uniformly across locations and across countries in less time than the current program.  (Detailed systems do the work "automatically"... managers have more time for more pressing matters.)

  • Systems and tools for Facilities Engineers.

  • Systems and tools for Plant Management and their supervisors and employees.

  • Systems and tools that proactively manage growth and change.

  • Comprehensive, world-class HPR Risk Engineering Audits to practical international standards to assess and quantify risk, explore alternatives, estimate costs and verify compliance.

  • Day-to-day technical risk engineering support.

  • Practical, accurate risk management and underwriting data for managing assets and underwriting decisions.

  • The full range of options, costs, and consequences to address loss exposures.

  • Ongoing, effective, economical, training for managing operational risk where it's needed the unit level...everywhere you have locations. It includes automated student tracking and accountability, including real-time results for student training activity. (Contact us...let us show you how we completely satisfy this critically important need.)

  • Efficiently use broker services and broker engineers.

  • Efficiently utilize insurance company services and their engineers.

  • Systems and tools to achieve "preferred risk" insurance market advantages including favorable pricing, deductibles, coverage and terms, limits, etc.


Contact us ... we can show you seamless systems that produce the results you need and expect for your complex portfolio!


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Improve Relationships:
ISI Risk Services builds long.-term, profitable property relationships for insureds, brokers, captives, insurance carriers, and reinsurers alike by positioning each to perform their part of the relationship...while keeping a policyholder focus. (Contact us)






ISI Risk Services is sized correctly as a service business...flexible enough to respond to your specific needs...large enough for global service.








Proven Results:

ISI Risk Services is "upfitting" the way insureds, insurance companies,   brokers and captives micro-manage property assets, accounts, and portfolios. 

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